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who do
we think
we are?

proud host of the unexpected

Great cocktails, great food, great times. We’re huge on creating exceptional experiences and making unforgettable memories. We’re in the business of fun. Fun dealers, we suppose.

Our jones is bringing people together. To laugh. To shout. To sing. To shake that booty.
Over craft cocktails, a scratch kitchen, social games
and tunes that will get you dancing.

Fun hunters, foodies, aficionados and fans of the unpredictable.
Regardless of color, class, creed, orientation or gender.
All are welcome.

So grab your favorite people, stop by one of our locations for a little funning and let your freak flags fly.

well, don’t just hear from us

“Make this meringue-topped citrus punch for a festive...”
“A year after getting a new owner punch bowl social...”
“Punch Bowl Social Opens Tequila Lounge at its Rancho...”