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Do You Have Parking?

Parking varies by location. Some have private parking lots, while others have street parking or parking garages close by. Contact your location for more information.

Do you have to be 21+ to get in?

Salt Lake City is our only restaurant that is 21+ at all times. Our other restaurants are all ages until 10pm, and at 10pm we are 21+ only.

Do I have to have a reservation?

For the weekend and if you would like a traditional sit down dining experience at booths or low top tables, we recommend getting a reservation via our website. However, we do have multiple bars and activity areas that are self-seating/full menu if you prefer to play games and wander around at your own leisure!

How do I reserve activities?

All activities are first come, first serve. When you arrive, ask the host to show you to the activity host who can help you set up your activity of choice! We allow all spaces and games in the venue to be booked out privately in advance. If you would like to book a private event in our activity areas, go to our Events page to email our Event Sales Team!

Do your games and activities cost money?

We have both free and rentable activities here! Activities information can be found on your location page.

Do you deliver or use delivery services?

While we do offer take out, we do not deliver or use delivery services. Our food was made to be enjoyed here in our social environment!

Do you show UFC fights?

We currently do not show any pay-per-view events, but are a great place to come for the after event celebration!

Are you pet friendly?

Pet patios vary by location, call the number listed on your closest restaurant to inquire about it with the host!

Is there a dress code?

Dress up or dress down, just get dressed. The rest is up to you!

Do you have vegetarian or gluten free options available? Can you accommodate food allergies?

Our dishes that are or can be made vegetarian or gluten free are indicated with a (V) or a (GF) on our menu. For food allergies, come on in so our servers can walk you through your options depending on your specific allergies.

Are You Open On Holidays?

All restaurants are closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day to allow our Punch Bowl Social family a day to celebrate with their own families. For other holidays, our hours are listed on the location page at the restaurant closest to you.