For kids

In The Shadow of Heroes
A romp through the Roman history and Greek myth, featuring two plucky young slaves, some fantastic weather, and lots of running around. This one got nominated for the Costa Children’s Book Award, which was pretty neat.

Published by Chicken House.
A dark and twisting tale of witchcraft and conspiracy set in Elizabethan London. No award nominations for this one. Shame. Covers for Witchborn and In The Shadow Of Heroes designed by incorrigible legend Erica Williams.

Published by Chicken House.

For mums and dads

Alpha Omega
Speculative fiction with an eye on video games, advertising, and the perils of growing up in the age of technology. Not for kids, this one. It’s funny and sad and quite strange, and it contains a few bits of swearing and nudity if you’re into that sort of thing.

Published by Titan.